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In addition to her professional pursuits, Jackie thrives on personal challenges. She has conquered the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea and trekked through the Swiss and Italian Alps. Prior to these awe-inspiring adventures, meticulous planning was essential. Similar to running a business, Jackie recognized the importance of crafting a detailed plan to ensure physical and emotional readiness for these demanding endeavors.

Jackie's ability to get things done efficiently and effectively became evident to one of her team members many years ago. It was a valuable lesson in productivity and execution. Reflecting on this feedback, Jackie realized that she had never contemplated her unique approach. She assumed that everyone possessed the same capability. Consequently, for over three decades, she has been accomplishing tasks and achieving goals, both within various organisations and as a business owner.


Recognition of 10+ years of Certification Exemplar Global - 2021

Certified Quality Management System Lead Auditor

Lead Auditor Integrated Management Systems

Quality Management Systems Specialist

Jackie’s knowledge and experience gives her the ability to provide advice in the most effective and relatable way. She takes the confusion out of auditing and the certification process and replaces it with tailored advice that anyone can understand. She is a valued mentor and wonderful trainer.

Kaitlyn - Merrin Co.

Jackies’ mentorship has helped me identify abilities I didn’t recognise in myself, leading to so many innovative ideas for our business. Jackie will continue to be a huge support to us through implementation over the coming months and years.

Angela - Auditor/Farmer Grassroots QLD

Jackie’s wealth of knowledge has allowed me to understand, enhance and maintain our current IMS. Her mentor sessions have allowed me to adopt my knowledge into practice.

DENISE - Compliance & Risk Advisor

Jackie’s professionalism and dedication to her work are truly commendable. She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that our systems and processes meet the highest standards. Her attention to detail and meticulous approach have helped us identify areas of improvement and implement effective solutions.

Nadia Rigoni (MAHRI) Chief Human Resources Officer

The Lead the Standard Quality Culture

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