Lead the Standard in Your ISO Career

April 30th, 2024

In mid-2019, I was contacted by a young lady named Kristen who had just finished her Lead Auditor Integrated Management Systems course with another provider in a traditional classroom setting. She shared with me that although the course imparted some insights, she felt somewhat abandoned post-training, lacking a support system or a community to address her ongoing queries as she embarked on applying her new knowledge.

My experience as an in-person trainer had already highlighted this void for me. After engaging with learners for a week, igniting their passion for auditing and ISO management systems, our paths would diverge post-training, leaving them to navigate their journey independently. I’ve kept in touch with numerous students via LinkedIn over the years, providing answers and support as they implemented their learnings, underscoring the evident need for continued guidance.

Hence, I decided to collaborate with Kristen to offer her the extended support crucial for the practical application of her training. Since that month in 2019, Kristen and I have engaged in weekly Zoom discussions. Watching her and her venture evolve – transitioning from a participant to a thriving business owner – has been incredibly rewarding. Kristen ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing a photography studio and a consultancy for ISO management systems. Recently, she expanded her consultancy to the U.S., serving a broader clientele. Our weekly discussions have been instrumental in her journey, where her dedication and resilience have been evident through her consistent efforts and overcoming of obstacles.

Her story is a testament to the value of seeking and finding the right support post-training or qualification, demonstrating the significant strides you can make by proactively pursuing further learning and mentorship.

Step into the SASS model—Skill-building, Assistance, Strategy, Systems—and harness your professional sassy spirit. It’s about ownership of your career journey, a blend of continual growth, support, and smart, systemic thinking. Unleash the full potential of SASS to navigate your path with confidence and flair.

  1. Skill-building – Professional growth is a continual journey in learning and skill enhancement. Staying current through ongoing education and real world practice is vital. Seek out new industry trends and training opportunities continually, and choose pathways that offer chances to deepen your expertise.
  2. Assistance – Sustaining career momentum depends on continual learning and support. Engage in networking and maintain professional connections for fresh insights. Use career coaching and resources like tools and education materials to aid your continual development.
  3. Strategy – To ensure continual career growth, actions must align with long-term aspirations. Tackle challenges to learn and prepare for the future. Regular analysis and reflection on your actions are crucial for continual personal and professional development.
  4. Systems – Consider systems thinking a core strategy for continual career success. Commit to continual learning and productivity. Embrace incremental improvements for lasting impact. Conform to quality standards and adapt to meet industry demands for a competitive edge.

1. Assess Your Skills: Take inventory of your current skills and compare them with industry standards. Identify gaps and opportunities for enhancement. Be proactive in seeking out resources to advance your knowledge and skill set.

2. Expand Your Network: Connect with professionals in your field. Attend industry events, join online forums, and participate in community discussions. Building relationships is key to unlocking new opportunities and gaining valuable insights.

3. Schedule a Coaching Session: Reach out to an industry expert career consultant for an initial consultation. Discuss where you need the support and start building your network now. This step will guide you in tailoring your personal SASS model for success.

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